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Hi Welcome to my music video site :D 
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Be well and take care everyone :) hugs!!!

Jason Bourne Trilogy,
Phantom of the Opera
& Gerard Butler Vids

YouTube Link
A Stranger in the Labyrinth, song Stranger in the Labyrinth by Sarah Brightman

YouTube Link
How can I remember Jason/Nicky song How can I remember, by Michael Dees

YouTube Link
Gerard Butler video with the song Angel of Mine by Monica

You Tube link
Erik & Meg An Unexpected Romance, A POTO Video, Song "No one would Listen" by Gerard Butler

YouTube Link
Gerard Butler video, song You are still You by Josh Groban

YouTube Link
Gerry, One in a Million By Bossom

Smallville vids

YouTube Link
Justice, in Need of a hero, the song I need a Hero by Jennifer Saunders, the version from Shrek 2

YouTube Link
So Close, so far, a Chlark vid, song So Close by Jon McLaughlin

YouTube link
In her Eyes, a Chlark video, music by Josh Groban

YouTube Link
My Confession by Josh Groban, a Chlark vid

YouTube Link
Vessel, a Chlark Montage, with the song Inama Nushif by Bryan Tyler, from the soundtrack of Children

Tom Welling video

YouTube link
Tom Welling video, Song, Some Kind of a Miracle by Kelly Clarkson

Orlando Bloom &
Several Actors Vids

YouTube Link
Orlando, This is your song, Music, Your Song, by Ewan McGregor

YouTube Link
Orlando Bloom video, Song Eight World Wonder by Kimberly Locke

Zupload Link
Video with several favorite actors, song All I want for Christmas is You by Olivia Olson

Actors include Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, Tom Welling, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Rosembaum, Billy Boyd, Jensen Ackles, Dominic Monaghan, Eric Bana, Alan Rickman, etc ;), check for other ones inside :D.
Be well and take care.

YouTube Link
I Wish I was... Close to You, song Close to you by The Carpenters

This video includes clips and pics of Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Elijah Wood, Hayden Christensen and Sean Bean, I hope you are going to like it.

The clips, music and photos in the videos are not mine in any way, I just work with them :).
I hope you like this videos, please let me know what you think of them, any feedback will be most welcomed :) you can add comments in my blog, or send me an email to , be well and take care