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Welcome Winter Sunset

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This page is mainly about the music videos I have been making for fun, about my favorite movies, tv series and actors, like The Phantom of the Opera, Smallville, Gerard Butler and Orlando Bloom, Tom Welling, Jason Bourne, The Labyrinth, etc :)

Just check them ;)

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my Page.
17 - 02 - 08
You migth say, so soon!!! Yeah, I have another vid, the info is now at my LJ, in my blog  here and is going to be in my vids page later on tonight  :D.
This is another Smallville video, a Justice League one with the song I need a Hero by Jennifer Saunders, the version from the movie Shrek 2. I hope you are going to like it. Hugs!! Monica
06 - 02 - 08
A new Smallville vid :), So Close, so far, a Chlark vid. With the song So Close by Jon McLaughlin from the movie Enchanted. It was tons of work and I loved it :).
Info in my blog, LJ or my Youtube account. Be well and take care, Monica
17 - 11 - 07
HI :), another new vid, this one based in the movie Labyrinth, the 80's one ;). The song is Stranger in Paradise, by Sarah Brightman, I have wanted t make a vid with something from her for ages!!. I hope you are going to enjoy it, info in my blog or in lj :). Monica
17 - 10 - 07
Hi :), well... apparently I took a long time to post here is in it?? Well, sorry but my pc gave me troubles for over half a year, then I lost inspiration... and now, I kind of got it back ;).
In my blog you'll find a link to my new video, is one about the Jason Bourne Trilogy with one of my favorite songs ever from a Soundtrack, so I hope you are going to enjoy it :). Be well and take care!!! Monica
19 - 02 - 07
Hi :) I just posted a new video, In her eyes, a Chlark video, music by Josh Groban. You can find links for download and YouTube in the blog and the videos page :). Be well and take care.
22 - 11 - 06
Hi :), just to let you all know that I changed all the video links in my index page, all of them now lead to my YouTube videos. Only one is not working in YouTube, but it has a download link. 
If anyone wants to get links to download the vids, please contact me in the blog or by email :). Be well and take care.
12 - 10 - 06
Hi :), well after almost 5 months a new video from me.
Is a Smallville video, a Chlark one with clips of all the seasons, with the song My Confession by Josh Groban. Let me know if you like it please :).
The links are in my blog, as always :)
14 - 05 - 06
I just wanted to let you know I have 2 new vids, one Tom Welling one, with the song Some kind of Miracle by Kelly Clarkson and a Smallvile one, from the Season Finale, Vessel, is a montage of clips from the episode, mostly Chlark ;), with the song Inama Nushif, from the Children of Dune soundtrack by Bryan Tyler, I hope you are going to like them, links in my blog and video page. Hugs, be well and take care.
10 - 03 - 06
Hi :), well I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not dead or changed countries or anything, I just have been having problems with my pc and Windows movie maker, and since is the only program I know how to use ;) to make my vids they are kind of in hiatus until I can get more memory for my machine!!
I hope everyone is ok, let me know of any dead links here and I'll let you know if I'm able to do anything new soon, be well and take care.
31 - 10 - 05
Hi :) well, I guess I got inspired by the Kingdom of Heaven dvd and by Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge 'cause I have a new video ;), the RapidShare link is up, and I'm working on the YouSendIt one, check my blog for this last link, and my vids page for the RapidShare one, let me know what you think of it please :), hugs, be well and take care.
25 - 10 - 05
Hi :) you know about that place I was talking about last update?? where I was going to post updates??, not going to happen :(, I'm using it as a place where I can chat with most of my friends online now, so is now a totally private place, sorry!!!
Sadly I'm not making that much videos as I used to, specially 'cause of lack of time :( sorry.
Anyway the only thing new is that I made a new version of my POTO vid, go to my videos links page and you can get the new one and the old one :), and tell me what do you think.
Hugs!!!!! be well and take care.
03 - 09 - 05
Hi :), well I just updated a yahoo groups I used as a Muggle studies Classroom when I was a member of Hogwarts Great Hall, a Net group that is supossed to be Hogwarts ;), since I left the group some months ago 'cause I didn't had the time to do things right, I changed the place to an update list for my vids!!!
Be well and take care.
24 - 08 - 05
Hi :) I just finished another video, this one with the song Close to you, by the Carpenters!!! includes pics and clips of Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Elijah Wood, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Sean Bean!!
Let me know if you like it please!! hugs, be well and take care.
21 - 05 - 05
I just won an award!!! can you believe it??, Best Au video, 12 round, at the Mystic Movie Videos awards page at
Thanks!!!!!!!! be well and take care.
30 - 04 - 05
Erik and Meg, an unexpectec couple, my new video :), my first Phantom of the Opera one. Is an AU video, not the regular couple but I think Meg deserves a chance with Erik!!! I wish I had a chance with Erik ;). You can find the Rapid share link in my blog and in my video index, and a YouSendIt link in the blog. Hugs!! be well and take care.
19 - 04 - 05
Gerry, One in a million is the name of my most recent Gerard Butler video :), more inspiration, what can I say!!! even when I'm not watching movies or videos related to him he's in my mind, you can get the story in my blog, and can find a RapidShare link in the blog and in my videos page :), hugs!! be well and take care.
06 - 04 - 05
Another Gerard Butler video, this man just inspires me!!! He just rocks :), you can find RapidShare and YouSendIt links in my video Blog :), be well and take care.
17 - 03 - 05
A Gerard Butler video :), finally I remembered to add this video to this page ;), you can find a RapidShare link in my video blog, and if anyone needs a YouSendIt link, let me know :), be well and take care
My third video is done!!!!! an Orlando Video with the song Eight World Wonder by Kimberly Locke!!! is my birthday gift for myself :D, please if you want to leave some feedback I'll be happy for it, just go to the blog and you can find the link :D. Be well and take care
Well, my second video is done :), it's a Christmas video with the song "All I want for Christmas is you" by Olivia Olson, from the Soundtrack of Love Actually, It has images and video of the actors from the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Smallville, Troy and Van Helsing, I hope you are going to enjoy it :D, I truly love it and it cost me a lot of effort!!!. Any feedback will be welcomed :) 
I just made my first video :), a Chlark, made with clips from the tv series Smallville, with music by Celine Dion, hope you are going to like it :D.


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My email is at the bottom of the page! Hugs!!
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I'll be happy to have any feedback or coments in my blog or at my email , be well and take care.

I'll be happy to have any feedback or coments in my blog or at my email , be well and take care.